Calderon, H. A., I. Estrada-Guel, et al. (2016). "Morphed graphene nanostructures: Experimental evidence for existence." Carbon 102: 288-296.

We present experimental evidence for morphed graphene nanostructures in which corrugated graphene layers are cross-linked covalently thus making either sp2 or sp3 type carbon allotropes. The structures are akin to recently derived by ab initio simulations [1] hexagonal carbon allotropes with R-3m crystal symmetry. The morphing effect comes from the hexagonal carbon rings bridging graphene-like layers. The key technological approach is by means of high-energy milling of amorphous carbon soot derived from fullerene production. The morphed graphene nanostructures are documented by a thorough characterization using HRTEM, XRD, and spectroscopies.