Chen, Y., Y. Xie, et al. (2015). "Nanostructured Carbon Allotropes with Weyl-like Loops and Points." Nano Letters 15(10): 6974-6978.

Carbon allotropes are subject of intense investigations for their superb structural, electronic, and chemical properties, but not for topological band properties because of the lack of strong spināˆ’orbit coupling (SOC). Here, we show that conjugated p-orbital interactions, common to most carbon allotropes, can in principle produce a new type of topological band structure, forming the so-called Weyl-like semimetal in the absence of SOC. Taking a structurally stable interpenetrated graphene network (IGN) as example, we show, by first-principles calculations and tight-binding modeling, that its Fermi surface is made of two symmetry-protected Weyl-like loops with linear dispersion along perpendicular directions. These loops are reduced to Weyl-like points upon breaking of the inversion symmetry. Because of the topological properties of these band-structure anomalies, remarkably, at a surface terminated by vacuum there emerges a flat band in the loop case and two Fermi arcs in the point case. These topological carbon materials may also find applications in the fields of catalysts.