Prasad, D., N. M. Gerovac, et al. (2013). "Squaroglitter: A 3,4-Connected Carbon Net." Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9(8): 3855–3859.

Theoretical calculations are presented on a new hypothetical 3,4-connected

carbon net (called squaroglitter) incorporating 1,4 cyclohexadiene units. The structure has

tetragonal space group P4/mmm (No. 123) symmetry. The optimized geometry shows normal

distances, except for some elongated bonds in the cyclobutane ring substructures in the

network. Squaroglitter has an indirect bandgap of about 1.0 eV. The hypothetical lattice, whose

density is close to graphite, is more stable than other 3,4-connected carbon nets. A relationship

to a (4,4)nanotube is explored, as is a potential threading of the lattice with metal needles.